Welcome to my second brain. This is a collection of notes, thoughts, reflections that I decided to publish on the Internet. 

There's no sitemap, no search box. To explore, click on one of the four "entryways" below. Some notes are linked together, some are not. Just look for underline. This place is very much work in progress, so be ready to encounter dead ends and missing links. Let me know if you've found one and it's bugging you a lot.

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Most of the ideas I encounter get shared on my daily blog, so you'll find a lot of overlap in between the two. Some notes may start with #, !, @ or $ - they are special characters I use in my digital notes system. Don't be surprised by them. Oh, and one other note: I speak and think in three languages; Polish, English & Spanish. Be ready to encounter multi-lingual notes. 

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Inspiration: WikipediaAndy Matuschak and the whole Zettelkasten thingy thing.